Second generation Chevy Corvettes are referred to as C2. They are 1963 to 1967 models, and customer's often have questions about proper wheel fitment for these C2 models. Many customer's are looking for a staggered wheel fitment. That means they want a wider wheel in the rear as compared to a narrower rim in the front. However on stock C2 Vettes this is hard to do. These cars just don't have much room to put a wider wheel on the rear. Many customers want to put an 8" wheel or even a 9" wheel on the rear of their C2 Corvettes, but there just isn't room unless some modifications are made. Here is a picture from our online gallery of a 1964 Chevy Corvette which has 18x7 wheels all the way around and is running 225/45R18 tires.

C2 Corvette Fitment

The wheels on this car are 18x7 and the backspace is 4.25" (+6mm offset).  As can be seen in this picture, 8" wide wheels would be hard to fit on this car without rubbing the fender.  If you had custom built wheels made with more backspace (ex. 5.25" backspace) the 8" wide wheel wouldn't stick out any further than these 18x7 rims pictured here, however, they would go inward too far and cause fitment issues on the inside.  Here's a look at this car from the side view.

18x7 Rims on C2 Vette

One way that many customer's solve this problem so they can put staggered wheels on is to put a fender flare kit on their C2 Vettes.  This allows them to run a wider wheel and tire in the rear, and some customers even do so on the front as well.  Here is a picture of a C2 that has fender flares.

C2 Corvette with Flares and Custom Wheels

Ae you can see from this picture the flares allow for the wider wheel to stick out farther on the C2.  So if you are looking at putting a wider wheel and tire on a C2 Corvette, then you are also looking at some extensive body modifications. 

Below are some popular wheel fitments for the C2 Corvette that do not require any body modifications: