In today's truck market the hottest trend is putting 20x10 or 20x12 wheels with 35/12.50R20 tires on Chevy Silverado 1500 and Ford F150 trucks. Believe it or not we often have customer's that ask us if they can put these big wheel and tire combos on leveled trucks. In fact, even a 4" lift is not enough to put these 20 inch combinations with 35/12.50R20 tires. For a 20x10 package with 35/12.50R20 tires a 6" lift is required for clearance. The Ford F150 with the 6" lift should fit this 20x10 package without any major rubbing. The Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with this 20x10 package and 6" lift will still require some minor trimming (Trimming is required on the backside of the front fender liner and the bottom of the outer fender).

Here is a picture of an F150 that has been lifted 6" with 20x10 wheels and 35" tires:

The same thing goes for the 20x12 package and 35/12.50R20 tires. These are run with an 8" lift and the Chevy Silverado will need some trimming in order to clear (with the 20x12 combination some trimming may also have to be done on the lower front outer fender to fully clear).

Here are a couple of pictures of a Ford F150 with 20x12 wheels and 35" tires.  Notice the custom front bumper which gives extra clearance on this package:

Here's another picture of a Ford F150 with 20x12's and 35" tires: