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Stiletto 18x10
Stiletto 18x10

Stiletto 18x10

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Part Number: BPC92810
Allow 6-8 Weeks Delivery for this Custom Built Item
Size: 18x10
Bolt Pattern: Custom
Offset: Custom
Backspace: Custom

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Billet Specialties Stiletto two-piece billet aluminum custom wheels. What sets the Profile Collection apart from typical billet wheels? Each wheel is the product of state-of-the-art multi-axis machining technology. Intricate machine code sculpts each spoke to perfect form and balance with thousands of tool paths. Each of these wheel styles spend approximately 4 to 5 times the amount of cycle time compared to typical billet wheels. Perfect Fit and Finish from the careful polish to the almost non-existent line separating the spoke from the barrel. Billet Specialties provides the absolute best polished finish period. Each style is hand finished over every contour and inside each window. Micro-fine abrasives are used to gently dissolve tool marks to a smooth surface that is brought to a mirror-like finish. Multiple angles, tangets, and radiuses; millions of lines of code, thousands of passes with the cutting tool all combine at the same moment in time creating a symphony of design, engineering, and style. Caliper clearance for the Stiletto is 5/8".

How to Measure a Wheel
How to Measure a Wheel

**Note** Wheels are always one inch wider than listed width. Example: If a wheel is listed as 15x8 then the total outside width will be 9". Also note how the bolt pattern is measured. Five lug bolt patterns are not measured center to center, they are measured center to outside.

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